Dan O’Donnell on the Mark Belling Show, interview with Roger Roth

WISN – I was the one who authored the bill for universal school choice here in Wisconsin. That came from me, that’s a pretty conservative proposal. I was the one who – when all the other legislators were running around frantically – what are we going to do to secure our elections? And [Governor] Evers was vetoing bill after bill after bill. I’m the one that came up with the idea of passing constitutional amendments. 

I co-authored the two constitutional amendments that thankfully passed last week. I also was the one that authored and introduced the one that’ll be on the ballot this November, which makes it so only American citizens. I know you’re gonna be surprised by this, but it’s so only American citizens can vote in our state and our local elections. It’s shocking that we need that but we do. I’m the one that got those things done.

I was the one who stood next to Scott Walker and the other conservative Republicans to cut taxes $8 billion here in our state, and I’m going to take those kinds of proposals but that kind of conservative tenacity out to Washington and get the House of Representatives working again, for conservative Republicans in you know, I will do it because you’ve seen me do it in the legislature.”